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Covenant Heart Podcast

Jan 29, 2017

In the conclusion of GOD of Order Rabbi teaches the 7 Covenants of GOD. GOD's covenant (Edenic, Adamic, Noahaic, Abrahamic, Noahiac, Davidic, Renewed)has been precisely given in divine order to fulfill the richness of HIS redemptive plan. All are relevant and cannot be done away with. Be fruitful and multiplying is just...

Jan 12, 2017

Today's podcast continues with question number 3. What are the Covenants of GOD? For those new to the Covenant Heart Podcast, Rabbi Spivie is teaching on Covenants. In which there are 7 questions through his series that you'll find below.

1. What is a Covenant? (A promise that shall never be broken)

2. What is the...