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Covenant Heart Podcast

Dec 14, 2016

What is a covenant? To know and walk in covenant should be the very foundation of EVERY believer in the kingdom. Rabbi Spivie gives us 7 questions throughout this teaching series that will help paint a better picture on the understanding of covenant in the bible. Here are the 7 questions. Lesson#1 What is a covenant? A promise that shall never be broken. 2. What is the difference between covenant and contract? 3. What are the covenants in the bible? 4. Why does G-D care so much about covenants? 5. Hasn't the new covenants set me free from the old covenants? 6. When G-D gave a new covenant did HE do away with the previous one? 7. As a gentile, how do I part-take in these covenants G-D made with Israel?